The Importance Of Volunteering In The Community

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No matter where you live, there are likely things you love about your community and other things you wish were a little different. While one person may not be able to change the entire community alone, your efforts combine with the efforts of others around you can make a difference. If you are looking for ways to make your community a better place, consider doing at least one of the following four things.


There are many opportunities to volunteer in your community. The key to discovering the best volunteer opportunities is to look at your talents and interests. For example, if you enjoy sports, you may want to consider volunteering through the Special Olympics. You can be a coach or official. If you have medical training, you can
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You can look for small things you can do, such as doing yard work for free for your neighbor who is unable to do the work himself. For teenagers, volunteering to baby-sit for free for a couple who are struggling financially could be a much needed service. Even just picking up trash around your neighborhood could greatly benefit your community. If none of these volunteer opportunities appeal to you, think up your own ways to volunteer and help your community, or visit Volunteer Match to be connected with volunteer opportunities in your local area.


While donating your time is often a much appreciated service to your community, sometimes you can also help out your community by donating more tangible items. If you have the money, you may want to consider giving money to some of these causes for which you volunteer as well as other charities in your community, such as The Salvation Army.

If you have the resources you can donate food to a food bank, soup kitchen, or another service that feeds those in need. Even just a can or two of food can help. Of course, it is generally a good idea to contact the organization to ask them what sort of foods they do and do not accept as well as what sort of food they are currently lacking. Some groups only accept nonperishable food. Others will accept the food as long as it is in good
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If you know a family or person in need, you can give the item or items to them. Otherwise, there are likely places in your area that will take gently used items. Homeless shelters and domestic violence shelters are great places to donate clothing and other items. Thrift stores, such as Goodwill Industries, will also appreciate your donation. As an added bonus, these sort of stores often employ those who otherwise may not be able to find work.

Because some people are unable to donate blood, if you are able, you may also want to consider doing it. This can benefit people in your community who need blood for a variety of reasons. While people often flock to donate blood after a disaster, it is important to know that the blood used when disaster strikes is the blood previously donated. By visiting the American Red Cross website, you can find opportunities in your local area for giving blood.

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