Argumentative Essay On Kristen Bell

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Celebrities are some of the most visible proponents for healthy living and eating well. There are many celebrities who promote vegetarian lifestyles, but some take it to another level and follow vegan diets.

Kristen Bell

"Frozen" star Kristen Bell 's decision to become vegan wasn 't without a few drawbacks. Giving up cheese took time to adjust, as cheese was one of her favorite non-vegan foods. However, a month after beginning a vegan diet, Bell found the lifestyle rewarding and she found she could substitute most foods easily with vegan foods.

In addition to her diet changes, Bell has also embraced a more active lifestyle. Bell has ramped up her cardio with hiking and classes like SoulCycle. She has admitted that the beginning was rough, but her tenacity kept her going back until she found the routines enjoyable. Bell is not only
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Among the biggest uproars surfaced when Silverstone advocated for a program that ships breast milk to mothers who cannot nurse. Most critics shot down the idea, but relented that Silverstone 's heart was in the right place. The actress has recently published a vegan cookbook entitled "The Kind Diet."

Russell Simmons

Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons committed to a vegan lifestyle over 15 years ago. Over his years of practice, Simmons has visibly dropped weight. Simmons attributes his change of diet to, not just what he eats, but it 's eaten. Healthy food choices should be made in conjunction with eating mindfully. This "mindfulness" involves eating slowly and savoring food to give the body the opportunity to digest in an appropriate amount of time.

Simmons has also become an advocate for meditation. He believes that stillness and quiet help the body focus better and make him happier. Compassion is another virtue that Simmons promotes. Simmons ' advice on meditation is available in his book, "Success Through Stillness: Meditation Made Simple."


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