Chicano Community Observation Report

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There are many outlets in which officials can gain the ability to scrutinize, regulate, and influence every action and behavior one makes therefore allowing surveillance to greatly affect the use of public space by standardizing who, when and where protests, art and many other social activities can occur. Visiting Broadway and Whittier Blvd. in Los Angeles gave me a broader view of how this urban space has been used to illustrate important events of Chicano community members.
On my commute to downtown Los Angeles I experienced different emotions and visuals that defined the entrance into this urban space. From the moment I entered I noticed the heavy traffic that had to be endured. The drastic amount of traffic was very upsetting and made me realize how community members were forced to tolerate this traffic every day. Besides the traffic I also
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Discovering and exploring Los Angeles became an unforgettable experience where I was able to truly appreciate the city’s creative way of portraying the battles of Chicanos. As I drove around the city there was very beautiful and distinctive artworks that stood out. Many were tribal prints or representations of Los Angeles itself. What really became evident was artwork of the Virgin Mary found throughout LA. Seeing murals of the Virgin Mary made me perceive the prominence of religion and faith throughout community members. With murals based on religion and social issues it became clear whether it was legal or not the entire city has the potential to organize protest and create meaningful artworks. The best location to devise a potential protest are areas located in the center of Los Angeles considering there is more attention brought upon major areas of the city. Along with areas of protest, any plain wall has the prospective of becoming a meaning piece of art with a clear representation of the struggle communities have

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