Universal Health Care: A Case Study

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Out of all of the leading countries America has become one of the last to offer universal health care. Obamacare, which is the nickname for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), was approved in 2010 (Schacht, 2015). The last five years since Obamacare was created has shown how difficult it is to bring affordable health care into the U.S.
I believe the idea of everyone having universal health care is an amazing concept and a human right; however as we have seen, can come with many repercussions. Obamacare has yet to be perfected. Although several other developed countries have accomplished this, the U.S. still has yet to find a way to provide universal health care in a fair way. In France, their universal healthcare works because citizens are offered healthcare no matter what their personal income is; this is not the case for Obamacare. The issues with Obamacare illustrated in this paper include drug prices, the individual mandate, subsidies, and the employer mandate. Each of these issues demonstrates how healthcare is a major social problem as it affects everyone in different ways. My reasoning for why Obamacare could improve involves, first, the individual mandate. Obamacare, as a law, allows for the poverty line to be provided with healthcare. However, it also penalizes
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The individual mandate, subsidies, employer mandate, and industry standards make it so that Obamacare affects everyone in various means. The U.S. must find a way to provide affordable health care for everyone so the healthy can defray the costs of the sick. The government must find ways to actually reduce the cost of health care. The first logical place is for the government to negotiate drug prices and insure that we are not paying more for prescription drugs than other

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