The Importance Of Trust Bank Limited Is A Growing Bank Essay

723 Words Oct 11th, 2015 3 Pages

Based on the above findings and analysis we can see that Trust bank Limited is a growing bank. The growth of Trust bank, dhanmondi branch has increased. All the customers of Trust Bank like their products and services. Though Trust bank is basically based on Army wellbeing and they take special care for Military clients, they are also trying to establish their position in civil consumers mind. But from my perspective they need to modify some of their strategies to attract more Non military customers with advanced products and facilities to be the leading organization in banking sector of Bangladesh.

 The number of Billboards of Trust Bank should increase in Dhaka city for advertisement.

 Should open more branches around Dhaka city.

 The team should be extended for better work efficiency.

 Communication between customer and the organization should be updated.

 Bank cleaning and maintain workers should be more conscious and active for nice and clean environment.

 Service quality is one of the major factors of customer satisfaction level. Though Trust Bank has its various products and services but it can be improved by providing their services on time and Debit card reissue processing should be simplified.  Beside their Military clients they should also focus on civil customers. They should take special care of their Non military clients by improving their product levels and service charges, interest rates of any loan and other facilities.…

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