The Importance Of Travelling To France

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Travelling is a wonderful experience that lets you discover and appreciate a variety of cultures that are unique to your hometown. Culture shock, however, is possible especially when you’re not prepared for the surprises that you’ll discover along the way.

To minimise culture shock when you’re in France, let me share to you these 6 things I wish I knew before travelling to France.

• French people want you to speak their language.

French people speak English, not all but many of them. If you speak English, many of them won’t reply in the same language. This can be quite a bad travel experience that you will never forget. Having visited France several times, I was amazed by their culture. Yet, one thing that I would never forget is my first
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As part of businesses, many restaurants, particularly in Champs Elysee and the Latin Quarter, oftentimes make a living by cheating tourists who have a hard time understanding and speaking the language. They have this so-called Prix Fixe meal at a fixed price that you can order if you have no idea what to buy in a restaurant. If you do not repeat the price to the cashier or point to it to the menu, you might get tricked. Some restaurants inflate the total bill after dining in, so bringing a good translation book might come in handy for …show more content…
Unlike other trains in some countries, the transit system in France is cheaper and safer. No need to worry about getting home late at night while taking a train because security guards are present. Not to mention that the metro system is cheaper than any transit systems available in the country. Through a system of light trail and underground transportation, you can travel anywhere without expenses and hassles. We recommend taking the RER train whether you are a newbie or a repeat traveller.

• Always compliment the French culture and ething.

French people love to hear positive feedback about almost everything you see and try in their country. They would even love to be with you when you travel if you keep complimenting them and their nation. If you said something bad about a certain thing, the French would curse at you. This is one of the 6 things I wish I knew before travelling to France. I would have been entertained by them if everything I said was all positive.

Don’t make the same mistakes I make when travelling to France. Heed these tips and you’ll make your journey a more pleasant

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