Rosch Mindfulness

Even though research about mindfulness is increasing there still isn’t a lot of information on this issue and most of what I found talks about it in a general way. But fortunately there were some scholarly articles that touched base on this problem in a direct way, so by using them I am going to provide an in depth analysis of the problem, as well as using this review to come up with questions or hypothesis that will later on serve as way of giving out suggestions for the improvement of the internal communication of the County Executive’s Office through mindfulness.
To begin, I’m going to define mindfulness in order to help you getting familiarized with the word and its relation to workplace relationships. According to Rosch mindfulness is
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(1997) However, it is also important to understand how those practices impact employees. Certain number of researchers and authors have started writing about the benefits that come from having a mindful leader in the workplace. These benefits result on a positive impact towards employees well-being and performance in the work place (Carrol,2007). With this being said, is important for leaders throughout different organizations, such as the County Executive’s Office to provide their subordinate with the correct support, motivation, and direction. (Scandura,1994). By being mindful when interacting with other people miscommunication can be avoided and positive relationships can be formed. Wachs & Cordova (2007) state that mindfulness allows relating to others to be skillful, and also it is associated with the improvement of interpersonal relationships. Since workplace relationships are one of the factors that impact an employee’s well-being, it is important to promote pleasant and positive …show more content…
Additionally, being completely present when collaborating or working with a subordinate may empower a superior to better perceive the necessities of the other individual, for example, what sort of backing that individual requires. (Carroll, 2007). This demonstrates how a mindful communication allows leaders to participate in more successful initiative practices towards their subordinates. The mix of more powerful leadership practices and employees feeling valuable and respected can result on positive outcomes for employees. In the first place, employees will feel more fulfilled and less mentally drained. The excellent relationship with their superior will likewise prompt workers having a more prominent feeling of mental need fulfillment (Deci, 2001). We trust that this fulfillment need and additionally better leader backing will likewise make a feeling of more noteworthy work-life. At last, subordinates will be willing to respond the engagement of their manager through high quality execution at work.
By promoting mindful communication in the workplace, employees have shown to feel more appreciated and this helps them improving their development and boosting their willingness to complete a task. This is why it is important to develop a training, for both supervisors and subordinates, that promotes mindfulness in the

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