The Importance Of The Unborn Baby

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It’s dark and cramped and there is a weird fluid around me.Sometimes it tastes really good but sometimes it tastes really bad. I can hear my mommy talking she sounds really pretty. What did she say? “Hola?”
Learning doesn’t necessarily start after birth. There are a lot of things you do when your pregnant that could affect the baby inside your belly. For example, for a little while the baby can sort of hear what you say or what others say around the baby. After a while the noises and voices starts muting out and starts to sound like muffles. Although that is true but the unborn baby will always hear your voice. So there are many things that you can do while pregnant to ensure your child 's healthy development in the womb. there are many things
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The environment that surrounds you is another thing the baby can 't tell just by the scent that you smell yourself as the pregnant mother. An example for this is by the 7th month of gestation an unborn baby’s olfactory receptors are fully developed which allows the fetus to smell. Some places that are bad for you and your unborn baby is kinda obvious, for example smoking place (weed, cigarette, cigar, etc.), concerts (the reason for this is because you do not know what people are doing and the environment is very bad to be near for a pregnant woman), even cleaning a cat litter box is dangerous for the pregnant woman to do. By cleaning a cat litter box you have a risk of catching toxoplasma either by touch or smell. Toxoplasma is a disease that causes mental retardation, deafness, and blindness.
One last thing is help your unborn baby while it is still developing inside of your womb is motor skills. For example, by jogging and doing exercise is one way of helping your unborn baby with their motor skills. There isn’t a lot you can do.But it is good to know that there are two different types of motor skills and those are gross and fine motor skills. The two different type of motor skills are very important for young baby to learn after it is born. Motor skills are small part since the baby can not just jump out and start crawling but it is still learning motor skills while in the

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