The Importance Of The Renaissance Period

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The Renaissance period was one of the best times for technological innovation in Europe. This period was home to some of the greatest artist and some dilemmas of faith with new versions of Christianity popping up out of the woodwork. The Renaissance period in Europe spanned from the fourteenth century till the sixteenth century, and in this time period many great changed befallen Europe, but if the advances in technology hadn’t have come around these may have never happened or at least would have had less of an impact. This period is marked by some overpowering advancements in technology, for example; the printing press. Without this vital piece of technology many men would never have been able to get their point across and change so many viewpoints when it came to religion and how people were meant to live their lives. It can be said that the technological advances made during the Renaissance period were instrumental in the development of technologies up to date.
Most people say that the most important invention made during the Renaissance period was the printing press which had a dramatic effect on the population of Europe. It was ‘invented’ by a German man called ‘Johannes Gutenberg’ . True, Gutenberg is the main name behind the printing press, however it took
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However, not everyone agrees as the way will always be, a quote by Wendall Phillips disagrees with the advantages of the printing press:
“What gunpowder did for war, the printing press has done for the mind.”
With that being said, it is impossible not to say that the printing press was one of the most powerful innovations of the modern age. It advanced the spread of knowledge and transformed public opinion, not always for the betterment of society granted, but it has led to many great changes in Europe, even the World, over the

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