Why Do People Vote?

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Intro: It’s Election season, and voting is a very important part of the democratic process. Since the formation of the United States, voting has been every citizen’s duty to continue making the country democratic. This election cycle is like no other. Between unreasonable candidate Donald Trump and untrustworthy candidate Hillary Clinton on the ballot; voters are surprisingly undecided when it comes to the next four years. So in light of the presidential election, I wanted to categorize how people vote. In my opinion, people vote based on their values, candidate 's likability and candidate’s legitimacy. These three categories are key to choosing a president based on a voter’s preference.
1. Firstly, people vote based on their values.
We have a multiple party system that boasts different sets of values and
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The main two are Democrats and Republicans. Democrats are more liberal because it they believe in policies such as gay marriage, abortion, civil rights and social programs. Republicans are more conservative

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