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The United States must continue to ensure all areas of the world have the right tools and mechanisms in place to thwart terrorism so events like the September 11th attacks don’t reoccur. Counter Terrorism (CT) efforts in Southeast Asia have improved markedly in recent years. Despite this success, however, it’s still a potentially fertile ground for local terrorist organizations sharing al-Qa’ida’s ideology and aspirations. It is, therefore, in our nation’s best interest to ensure we play an active role in the safety and stabilization of the Southeastern Asian region. The National Strategy for Counterterrorism confirms our focus must remain on pressuring al-Qa‘ida’s core while continuing to build foreign partnerships and capacity in the …show more content…
With the increasing likelihood of confrontation due to China’s expansion in open waters and the lack of border control regarding personnel movement, it is imperative our allies in Southeastern Asia have the right tools to enforce and protect not only their boundaries but also their (and our) best interests. This will increase the Southeast Asian countries’ control of immigration thereby helping to diminish the freedom of movement, terrorist groups currently enjoy and aid in the capture of known and suspected terrorists. Ultimately, this will diminish terrorist group’s efficacy in the region by eliminating the ability to move freely throughout Southeast Asia. Second, increase Southeast Asian countries’ participation in the many different organizations currently enacted. The success of groups like The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and others, clearly show how important these alliances are to the stability of the region and ultimately, the world. The European Union (EU) and The United Nations (UN) are examples of such organizations. The EU proves organizations can guarantee peace and prosperity through the coordination of states’ interests without compromising national sovereignty or …show more content…
This is mostly due to the fact that the region is currently devoid of any major wars and I feel the use of other IRs, specifically Realism, could cause undue stress and lead to a potential escalation amongst neighboring countries. I will admit, it will be hard not to stress the importance of Realism when our military is training the host nations to patrol and protect/defend their borders from terrorist. But care must be taken to ensure this is a forward reaching strategy. One that looks to the long term goal of eliminating the freedom of movement amongst terrorist groups within Southeast Asia versus creating a new war just to win a single border incident. Liberalism also shined through with the emphasis on continuing/increasing participation in international organizations. I feel the Liberalism approach utilizing better border/immigration laws and regulations and participation in international organizations within my strategy will succeed in diminishing terrorist group’s efficacy by eliminating the ability to move freely in the Southeast Asian

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