The Importance Of The Legal System

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It would be when judges are chosen by citizens, not political parties and politicians; it would be a random picked group of citizens deciding, dominating the police, what they do, which activities they will do first, and which laws, crimes, etc. are to be the priority; the order of importance, and concern, such as traffic tickets being last and crime, criminals being # 1 on the list. It would be citizens, juries deciding guilt and innocence, and punishment, not politician laws, of how much, what kind of repercussions and punishment would be wanted.
Simply, the legal system, its parts, that a citizen group would over-see and manage, be the power over each activity of the legal system, and deciding, choosing how each part would do what needs
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would be a lesser to the state governments. Federal politicians would not have the power to tell the states what to do, control the states or “We the People.” They could not force taxes, laws or anything else, unless they had our agreement, permission. The federal govt. could not force anything, policies and agendas, nor opinions.
There were many who did not want to revolt, did not want to lose their statute, connections and unfair advantages they had with the British, to vanish.
You should be seeing why the federal politicians hated the Articles of Confederation, as the state governments had the power; and indirectly hated 1776, the Declaration of Independence as all was very anti-government, especially a central authority. Thus the scheming began as soon as the ink was dry, by those who had power before 1776, to reverse what 1776 did and the Articles of Confederation made. And the only thing in their way was The Articles.
With 1776 done, their hope became to get the get control of the federal govt., then in some manner get the federal govt. to the power of a central authority, hence a new royalty, governmental royalty. Thus the scheming began to get the federal govt. power, ability, bring back a powerful, dominant central

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