Japanese Attack On Pearl Harbor Essay

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On a warm, cloudless morning in the naval base of Pearl Harbor, the Imperial Japanese filled the sky with hell. Arrows of bombs and killer aircraft attacked american ships and killed many soldiers and civilians. Although there were numerous amounts of injuries, Japan described this attack as a failure due to the fact that they were not able to cripple the Pacific Fleet. The ships that held the Pacific Fleet were immediately sent off to the Pacific. The attack on Pearl Harbor is an unforgettable day for both Japan and the United States and their involvement in World War II.
A day after the ruthless Japanese attack on the naval base of Pearl Harbor, December 8, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt summoned Congress in a urgent meeting for a declaration of war against the Japanese Empire. In hopes that Congress accepts his request of declaration of war, Roosevelt cites Japan’s planned attack on Pearl Harbor and additional Japanese attacks on different locations throughout the Pacific Ocean. Roosevelt explains to congress that the Japanese were deceiving the United States into thinking that the Japanese were peaceful and had no intentions in attacking any possessions of the United States. The goal of this deception was so that the United States could be caught off
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was most likely to declare war, swiftly assaulted and conquered most of the other U.S. possessions in Eastern Asia and the Pacific. Japan also attacked all other Allied possessions, for example Hong Kong (controlled by Great Britain). By December 8, a day after the Pearl Harbor assault, Japan had already attacked most of the islands in the Pacific that were not owned by them prior to that. Roosevelt also used this information to sway Congress towards the idea that the Japanese wanted war since they had planned for these attacks in advance, by doing this Roosevelt would have convinced Congress to declare

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