The Importance Of The Holy Spirit In The Bible

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Our course has been a journey of revelation of how and why we study the ancient of all texts, The Bible. There has been a focus to our inquiry, but it has not excluded other ways and means of study. Instead, it has incorporated them into an expanded experience to gain new depth of study. From the basics of a complete and careful exegesis, inclusion of epistemological insights, and using sound hermeneutics which bring discernment, we have been called to stand in the post-Pentecostal era using the Light of Spirit as the guide. This course has led us to glean ways to enter our study of Scripture by first acknowledging that the Bible is indeed God incarnate in written form. That idea alone creates reverence for approaching the text. The highest …show more content…
The importance of authorial intent has caused debate and a variety of opinions in the literary world. And while the Bible does contain beautiful literature, that is not the sole purpose, nor the way into understanding what is written within its pages. Understanding the role of Holy Spirit is critical to being in a healthy relationship as a reader who is seeking the fuller meaning, or sensus plenior, available to us from Holy Spirit through inspired authors in ancient texts. The Holy Spirit inspires the writer to write within his own context and it is a true and appropriate writing at that time. Over time, the Holy Spirit continues to give revelation of the deep things of God which have been written down in His texts. As a Spirit-filled reader encounters the words, the Holy Spirit gives the illumination and revelation necessary for guidance for life and for ministry. In this healthy relationship, the reader goes beyond the author’s awareness of the original intention, yet carefully avoids taking liberties with the text. As Dr. Jack Hayford states, “We cannot say something else than what the text says, but we can say something more.” This brings us to another implication to

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