German Invasion Of Poland Essay

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There is a single moment in our not too distant history, which the world would consider to be an event that changed the world as we knew it. This event would in turn lead to a destruction across the eastern hemisphere that history books will never leave out. This event that history finds so significant was the German invasion of Poland. Why is this invasion so significant? The reason is because this was the act sought out by Germany that initially started the Second World War. Although this invasion lead to World War II, the biggest known blood bath in history, it also lead to the creation of the United Nations, new world superpowers, new borders drawn in Europe, and a victory for women’s rights advocates. September 1, 1939, marks the day …show more content…
Prior to the Invasion of Poland and the world war that followed there were two nations that were considered the major powers throughout the globe. Both nations had both a strong military and were economically powerful. These nations were Britain and France. While some would consider Germany to be powerful because of how strong they were in the war, they were actually still in the recovering from the losses they took in the First World War. During World War II there were two nations that took heavy losses stood out as superpowers afterwards from tremendous economic gain. Neither the United States nor the Soviet Union saw much battle on their own home front. The United States was still recovering from its great depression it had been fighting for years and the war brought on an opportunity to strengthen the economy. While others were busy fighting in the war, the United States factories were steadily producing equipment and war supplies for nations abroad. Not only did the United States build itself up during the war but it was also not destroyed like most of Europe and Asia after all the destruction that took place over the six year span. “The devastation of Europe and Asia in 1945 left two states with inordinate influence on the future course of international affairs – the United States and the Soviet Union. These were the only two countries to emerge from the Second World War stronger …show more content…
Whether one is for its creation or absolutely despises the creation of such a weapon, the advancement in technology as a result of the war is astronomical. Technology and resources to build such a weapon at that time is nearly shocking. The Japanese refused to surrender even after the Germans already had. Truman decided that the atom bomb was a must to make the Japanese surrender without having mass U.S. casualties. By dropping such a weapon it would insure the surrender of the Japanese and the world would recognize the power of the United States. writes in an article about the bombing “Truman’s secretary of state–believed that its devastating power would not only end the war, but also put the U.S. in a dominant position to determine the course of the postwar world” (Staff). The dropping of the bombs would be the beginning of the nuclear arms

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