The Importance Of The Client Therapist Relationship Essay

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Therapeutic Relationship
The person centered approach highly accentuates the importance of the client-therapist relationship in the therapeutic process. It assumes that clients are basically trustworthy and have the inner resources to find solutions to their own problems. Putting this into practice, Ruth should be assisted by the therapist in setting her own goals for therapy. The therapist’s role is to create “growth-promoting climate” for her that will allow her to explore herself. Therapist can contribute to the client’s growth by providing a warm, positive, trusting, and open relationship. Therapist should be completely attententive to and immersed in Ruth’s expressed concerns about her appearance and anxiety. Taking in consideration the vitality of this relationship, Rogers emphasized three attributes of a therapist that contributes to providing a growth promoting environment for the client and it is the most underlined aspect of this approach. These three attributes include: congruence, unconditional positive regard, and accurate empathic understanding (Corey, 2016). First of all, being congruent with Ruth involves the therapist’s genuineness or realness. The person-centered therapist should be authentic and genuine with her because in order to develop a strong and healing relationship the therapists have to be themselves. Being congruent might also necessitate expressing their feelings about an event from client’s life; however, the therapist should be well-timed,…

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