I Love Italy Research Paper

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Italy is a country that you cannot visit just once. Once visited, you cannot resit your temptation to come again and again. There are many things in this beautiful country that will draw you. The words beautiful country in the previous sentence is not just adjecive and noun, but it is the nickname the world has given to Italy. In regional language, it is referred as Bel Paese, which means the Beautiful Country. Itality is not known for its history and culture, but also because of its arts and architecture, fashion, delicious cuisine, breathtaking coast, awe-inspiring mountain ranges, trational and contemporary monuments, and thought-provoking historical ruins. With such a treasure trove, it’s no wonder that the highest numbers of UNESCO World Heriage Sites are found here. If at all you are craving for taking just one good decision in life, then it would be visiting Italty. This excerpt on Italy travel guide will help you in vsiting it.

Italy visa information
The moment you decide to travel to Italy for tourism purpose, the first thing you need to do is collect Italy visa information. Tourists holding U.S. citizenship are exempted from applying for visa in they are travelling to Italy for a short period, i.e. 90 days. However, a European Health insurance Card (EHIC) is necessary to obtain.
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But there a few places you must visit regardless of whether you have time in your hands or not. In fact, you must somehow make time and visit them. If you are an art lover, then starting your trip from Florence city is the best thing. This city is nicknamed as the “Cradel of the Renaissance.” It is the most visited city in Italy. It stores the most beautiful works of art in the world and has been hailed as a World Heritage Site. There is so much to explore in the form of cathedral, museums, basilica, food, wine, chapel, etc. that you would want to spend your entire life

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