The Importance Of Teaching Maths In Teaching

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Math is developing concepts or standards that’s important for teaching mathematics to students from Pre-K to high school. In our changing world, those who understand and know how to do mathematics will have significant opportunities and options for shaping their future. (NCTM 2000, p.50). The two important tools to be an effective teacher is knowledge of mathematics and how students learn mathematics. The purposes of math education influenced our life since the time we were able to walk. Our parents taught us how to count on our fingers and able to write our numbers to ten. Then, as we became older, concepts were extra challenging and involved critical thinking to solve the problems. In society today, math is being utilized in simple …show more content…
To be effective in using the Colorado State Standards, curriculum, manipulatives, assessments, strategies and differentiating to meet the needs of all my students. One other important quality I will maintain is classroom management. I believe this is an important role to have in teaching, respectively. In researching the math practice of Process Standards, which includes, problem solving, reasoning and proof, communication, connections and representation. Problem Solving is learning and doing math and solving the problem. Reasoning and Proof are learning how to justify your reason of thinking. Communication is to talk about or explain your ideas in math. Connections are how students connect to concepts of math and the role it plays in the real world. Representation utilizes manipulatives and other methods to integrate math ideas. (NCTM)
According to Douglas Fisher, the Gradual Release Model explains that “the teacher first models the concept for the students.” This is the “I Do.” Then the “We Do” is “when the students practice with the teacher the instructed concept.” “The last phase of the gradual release is when the students practice the concept
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Visual representation is a necessity for a lot of students. Several students learn better by visually seeing the concept being taught. Hands on learning and using manipulatives is a notable tool to utilize in the classroom. They reinforce the concept of the lesson. Cooperative learning is forming a group of students to practice math skills or discuss and solve math problems with one another. This type of learning also involves social interaction with each other. Think-aloud contributes to math by me stopping and demonstrating the thought process used in problem solving. I must allow students time to think about a concept or solve a problem. I would like them to have that higher level of

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