Quality Teaching Reflection

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“This teacher doesn’t even know how to teach! He just gives us questions and…” The rest of that sentence isn’t too pleasant as the student sitting next to me uttered a lot of profanities to express his feelings.

During my observation I sat in on a year 10 Mathematics classroom where the teacher was not what you would consider to be a “good” teacher. Using The NSW Quality Teaching Framework as a model, the pedagogy that this Mathematics teacher demonstrated was not up to standard. The environment was not a quality learning environment which was mainly due to the fact that the students felt like their work had no significance. The teacher also did not try to promote high levels of intellectual quality as he did not teach during the lesson.

When the lesson started, the teacher unaffectedly tried to get
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14). In other words, they need to feel like what they are learning is significant to their lives, and feel like they themselves are also significant people. Throughout the duration of the lesson, I did not observe any of the six elements of significance that are mentioned in the Quality Teaching Framework. As with most children, the students in this classroom believed that mathematics had no significance to “real life”, and the teacher made no attempt to fix this misconception. I believe that the main reason this lesson went wrong is because the students felt that what they were being taught had no significance, and therefore did not care about it and had no motivation to learn it. Motivation is what initiates and upholds the effort required to engage in the process required for learning to occur (Mayer, 2011, pp38-40). If the teacher had made the students feel the significance of their work, they would have been more motivated to learn, and the lesson would have been more easily

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