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People usually think tap dance does not need too much work, all you need is stamp your feet on the ground and make some loud noise. But actually, tap dance has two major variations, one is rhythm (jazz) tap and another one is Broadway tap. “Broadway tap focuses on dance; it is widely performed in musical theater. Rhythm tap concentrates on musicality, and practitioners consider themselves to be a part of the Jazz tradition.” According to the Rhythmic Circus official website, Rhythmic Circus is composed by a group of internationally famous artists who use several different performances make rhythm tap dance becomes the funniest ever. Rhythmic Circus made a show called Feet Don 't Fail Me Now! at ASU Gammage in November 10th, which has 2 acts …show more content…
So a good tap dance should make us feel happy. First of all, the music they chose are all very joyful. Especially the musical “Celebrate”. All performers dressed like a real circus troupe like red or green court dress with really dramatic decorative pattern. The scene looked like there is something really great happen in a castle, so the king asked some people play a show for that. The music coordinate with this dancer. These dancers cooperate with the music. It is so fascinating. These dancers also interact with audiences really often, make audiences engage into this show. They clapped hands and stamped foot in some certain beats and let us repeat. Glen Higgins (red dancer) felt down the chair within an inch of because we completed the last on and also is the hardest one. Also, when the last musical which has the same name as their main title “Feet Don 't Fail Me Now!” closed to end, the dancers asked us all stand up and stamp our feet like them. I saw a madam who looks like over 70 years old was dancing together, it explain how much the influence the show has and how that make people enrolled and feel happy. I also saw there do have a lot of parents take their children watch this show together. In the interact part, these children all looks so excited. Maybe this show can bring out these kids interested on tap dance, and made them become a successful dancer, it is other positive impact from this

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