The Importance Of Success In Life

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Looking back to my sole year as a civilian contractor, which was the closest I will ever get to being a normal employee. I was lucky enough to be hired by SOTECH, a company that serviced mainly military Special Forces customers. This company introduced me to a range of options and liberties that I never had the opportunity to experience while in the military and are usually only afforded to the commercial world. The learning experience I was able to gain with this company, had to do with medical care. I just retired from the military and was hired by SOTECH and within 3 months into my job, the company was in the process of renewing their medical insurance plans/options for their employees. This was a brand new experience for an individual …show more content…
Quite honestly, I would have to say that it would be from my failures, because every action you do (perfect or imperfect) reaching that moment of success is always the ultimate goal. When I pursue the tasks in hand, it is always under the notion/thriven of completing them successfully, with or without mistakes and/or roadblocks. Being brought up as a child to never quit and accepting the 22 years of military service mentality that, “failure is not an option”. I have learned that there are no failures in life, but just stepping stones or learning blocks to a successful life. One should learn from their failures/mistakes and grow/succeed from them. Just as I tell my sons, “Everyone screws up in life, no one is perfect. But what makes a difference between a doer (success) and a quitter (failure) is what they do afterwards. Do you sit there and just mope about all the bad things that are going in your life or do you get back up on your own two feet and go head on with your life/situation and make things happen. I prefer the latter and I know deep inside you do to.” So in a nutshell, I have to say, I have a determined personality, one that will never quit no matter what the circumstances are. Always striving to making a better product and teaching/mentoring the future, in what they need to know in order to succeed in life. Because this life we have is not always going to be easy nor will it ever be. We just need to be strong and flexible enough to overcome the difficulties in order to succeed in

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