The Importance Of Success In Education

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Jaquelin Rosas
17 December
Each of us can succeed in a wide range of subjects, whether it be a small fraction of topics or an endless variety of them. I have been blessed with the ability to succeed in a wide range of conventional academic subjects instead of a few academic subjects. Consequently, they are mathematics, history, and science-related academic subjects because they have always been the academic areas, where they do not require enormous amounts of effort to fully comprehend them. These subjects have always been the parts of my education that I can grasp after listening to my academic teachers explaining them to me. Although it 's hard to pinpoint what factors contributed to my academic successes in these subjects, there are a handful
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These teachers excellent teaching brought about the difference between just passing a class to exceeding into it. Even though there have not been times, where I deliberately hated a teacher for his or her inability to teach, I have been amazed at my teachers’ capabilities to teach. My learning styles have evolved over the teachers due to the enormous influence that I received from my teachers’ teaching. Consequently, each teacher broke down any question I had, and they would take the time to teach me when I truly did not understand. For example, there is this one teacher, Mrs. Winston, who has pushed me to succeed and has happened me understand the world of mathematics that I thought I would not be able to comprehend. She would be willing to listen to every question that I had, and she introduced the world of colors in learning mathematics. It made math seem more of a way to express one’s self through colors, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time that I spent with her. Nonetheless, teachers just like Mrs. Winston were a key factor in my academic success in mathematics, history, and science related subjects; it was not the only factor, …show more content…
Consequently, I have always been able to comprehend these type of subjects, but these factors were the determining factor between just passing a class to excelling in the class. If it had been excellent teaching from teachers, such as Mrs. Winston, I would certainly be able to grasp concepts as fast as I could with them than without them. Also, if I did not have my graphic organizer to help me time manage my busy subject, then I would certainly be missing assignment deadlines left and right. I also am at a loss if I did not have an abnormal level of perseverance and curiosity. Nevertheless, I am truly grateful for the ability to exceed in mathematics, history, and science related subjects as well as the factors contributing to my

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