My Three Subjects In High School

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There are many subjects that I have excelled throughout my elementary, junior high, and high school. These three subjects that I have excelled in would be math, English, and science. My elementary years, it was pretty simple to me after having one amazing teacher that was very patient with me. My junior high year, it was a whole new other level. This time, equations had letters inside of them. Though, I got the hang of it and it just soon became my favorite subject. My high school year, my teacher was always busy with many other students from his other classes. I had to actually read the instructions and look very closely at all the examples inside the text book.
My second subject I have excelled in is English. In elementary, I did not have a problem with my English subject. I loved to help edit other students’ essays. We even exchanged with
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I had a teacher named Mrs. Begay, and she had to be really patient with me. Other students in class understood everything and helped each other out. I had a hard time getting along with the students and asking them for help. They would help me, and do their best to explain that this is how this equation works. Most of the time, I thought they were just guessing and were too lazy to explain how it worked. Mrs. Begay saw the struggle that I was going through. I didn’t want to ask for her help anytime at all because I thought she would say, “I explained enough already, so you should know by now.” One day, she came by and sat by me during class while the rest of the students were doing their work. Then slowly, I looked at her and asked if she could help me. She smiled and said, “Of course dear.” Each step of each math equation, she helped me out. Slowly, I began to understand every math equation that I got. When it was math time, she came over and asked if I needed help. I looked up at her knowing that I could do the math work, and said that I wanted to try it out on my

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