The Importance Of Students In Education

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Central DeWitt High School allows students to select their courses, but they are not allowed to choose their teacher. Students are required to choose courses through an online management system, however students will often select courses based on whom currently teaches the course. Students know that this will increase their chances of being in their preferred teacher’s classes.
It is important for the administration to consider how student choice of teachers impacts their success in school. When schedules are created without gathering information on student’s preferred teacher, students will often request a schedule change. This can create an imbalance of students in each course, increase the number of requests to change their schedule after
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There are subjects where teachers can teach most courses within each category, but there are other subjects where there are more requirements to teach specific courses. When a teacher indicates that they are a science, social studies, or language arts teacher there a major differences between the different requirements to teacher courses within each subject. There is a perception in education that students will need to be able to work with each type of personality. There is a belief that students need to adapt to the type of teacher, instruction, and rules that are being enforced in each classroom. This is a skill and it is difficult to learn through trial and error. It will be important for students to learn this skill, but this is not required and will take time to acquire.
• Course – This is the specific class. Courses could have multiple sections and/or taught by different teachers. If a there is only one section of a course, the general term is called a single or single
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Students value the relationship more then the curriculum and are not shy about voicing their opinion. Students will openly state that a teacher does not like them or that they do not like a teacher. These factors cause students to request a change in their schedule after the course has started. When a teacher has a relationship with a student, it will be more effective when working with students that require more emotional supports. When there is a breakdown in the relationship, the social and emotional support that a student will require causes a disruption in instruction. When a student is placed in a classroom with a non-preferred teacher, students will be less successful. This can increase the number of discipline issues, resulting in the loss of instructional

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