The Importance Of Students Assessment

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Students Assessment

Many students have conflicts with their teachers, and some love their teachers. There should be a way for students to grade their teachers in the way that they are graded. Teachers grade students based on their academic performance, as well as how they act in the class. Some teachers care about student’s education and while others don’t respect students nor their job. Some people think kids are young and don’t know what they’re doing but they do know what’s best for them when it comes to their education.Every teacher is different in their own way using different methods to teach children, students grading teachers will help them better their job and get closer to students who need a more understanding in the classroom.
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Students not passing test or missing multiple class days can fail the class, Alfie Kohn explains “Grades tend to reduce student preference for challenging task”he also states that they tend to reduce the quality of students thinking and they are not valid, reliable, or objective (Kohn1). Teachers should always understand the students when their having a bad day.Evaluating teachers would show whether the students understand the lesson that the teacher has given. Johnathon Jeffrey states that “Students evaluating their instructor can provide insight to on what they are doing well in and how they can improve also can be a tool for growth, not as cause of stress” …Teachers can learn how to improve their instruction quality, without fearing retribution from administrations. …show more content…
For instance ,this can get rid of teachers who don’t do their job correctly but just love the money their making. In other words ,many feel evaluations are unnecessary since the grades are indicative of the learning process going on in the classroom. Some teachers have problems with students in the class. Teachers who dislike a student will just give them a grade just because they don’t get along with student.

These types of situations will be easily solved if students could grade their teachers. Some instructors will let some students do whatever they please in the classroom and its not fair to the ones who come to school and get their education. If a teacher have bad behaviors in the classroom these evaluations would get rid of appalling teachers .When parents drop their children off at school their trusting them with their children leaving them in good hands .Scholars spend eight hours a day with teachers. It is very important that students come to school and learn something new

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