Why Is Stress Important In Social Work

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In reading the text, it is mentioned that there are many different aspects about ourselves that influence how we behave, which ultimately shape our attitudes and views towards others. These different aspects also contribute to how we handle many circumstances and affect our thought processes. It is of the utmost importance to be able to understand ourselves so that we don’t allow our own selves to hinder our ability to provide our clients with the best advice and services. An important way in understanding the depths of ourselves is by taking the time to self-reflect and learning how to become more introspective. Stress can be a catalyst for many strong emotions, the majority of stress being on the negative and anxious side. The way that I handle stress is that I become easily annoyed and my judgment is clouded because of the negative emotions that have risen because of the feelings of stress that I have. If my stress is not handled then these feelings could negatively affect my clients because I would not be able to fully be able to understand their situations. As a social worker listening and being empathetic are two of the most important skills to have. If I was under stress I would not be able to completely give myself to my client because my feelings would subconsciously inhibit my …show more content…
There have been bumps along the way and I took time off from school but I knew that if I were to go into this field I needed to learn more about myself and conquer my fears and navigate through the questions I have about life. I believe that by spending so much time focusing on my beliefs and values that I can use this as a tool to help clients navigate through their ups and downs. Many people do not realize how important it is to develop a strong sense of self, especially when going into a field where one’s goal is to empower and help people in

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