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Today, a lot of graduating seniors face the grueling task of applying for college. Many students struggle with this process because they are unsure on where to even begin. They think to themselves, “am I even good enough to get accepted? Do I have what it takes?” Studies have shown that every year, college becomes more challenging for students to get accept, and that if you applied with the same SAT scores and grade point average as your mom would a decade ago, you most likely wouldn’t get in. University of Pennsylvania even announced that the class of 2018 was the most competitive class yet, and their admit rate even dropped 10% (Urist, 2014). Not only has test scores rose, but so has the cost, making things even more stressful. So why is …show more content…
For example, my friend Sarah Rusich who attends Polk State College and is applying for universities now to further her degree said, “I just feel like a disappointment to myself, because everyone around me is getting accepted into universities and i haven’t received one letter back yet.” Also this is a sad response, i wasn’t shocked by her statement. Social status is something very important to high school students and when one feels like they are lesser than another, it can take a toll on someone mentally. Another good example of this is my sister. She is about to graduate high school but has yet to fill out a college application because she wants to see where all her friends are going to apply …show more content…
The average cost of college tuition from a private college was reported to be 32,000 dollars a year which adds up to 128,000 dollars for a standard four year degree. This can be overwhelming to not only the students but also the parents responsible for their kids. Many parents unfortunately are unable to supports their kids when it comes to college tuition which leads to the student needing to take out students loans to pay for their tuition. When someone faces an idea like this, it can scare them away from their true desires eventually leading to them not pursuing their education. Is this the students fault or the colleges? Since 1971, college tuition has continued to rise causing many people to drown in their sudden debt which led to a drop in people applying and attending college (Schoen, 2013). If this is the case, then why do colleges continue to raise their tuition cost? This will always be the thought running through my head as i begin applying to my dream

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