The Importance Of Sports And Fitness Activities Essay

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Ever since I was in elementary school I always enjoyed being outdoors and getting involved in different fitness activities. During my Physical Education classes from K-12, I always participated in the activities assigned during that 3-week time period. I rarely ever was the student who preferred to walk instead of competing against my classmates in the activities. I enjoyed the competition because it made me realize how serious I was about each of the activities. Participating in P.E. class helped to determine what activities I wanted to participate in outside of school. As I grew older I was offered more opportunities to become involved in sports related events. I began playing softball in middle school. Then I became an ambassador for Under Armor and Gatorade in high school which are both geared towards athletics. I also became a manager of my high school volleyball and basketball team. I began to realize that sports and fitness activities were still highly in my interest. I would and still do enjoy going to athletic events whether it is a tournament or a basketball, a football game etc. These opportunities guided me to gain an idea of my interest towards my future career of becoming an Athletic Trainer. In elementary school the objective in P.E. class was to learn the fundamentals of the activities and then execute them once we learned them. I had a lot of friends who were on sports teams, but my one friend, Liza Connor, was outstanding in athletics. In P.E.…

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