Religious Diversity In The Workplace

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Spirituality has an effect on the values that people hold in their everyday lives, even in the workplace. Companies are mandating how religious beliefs should be handled ethically and hoping to curtail situations where people’s rights are not infringed upon. As previously stated, Christians should recognize company’s policies and learn to respect others even if their opinions are diverse. In America, regulations states that religion is “any moral or ethical belief as to what is right or wrong sincerely held with the strength of traditional religious views by a person” (Borstorff & Arlington, 2011, p. 63). Therefore companies are morally, if not legally, obligated to protect one’s religious rights as well as it is the obligation of the Christian …show more content…
While American companies are more diversified, religious diversity is more conducive to relational conflicts and misinterpretations more than other cultural dissimilarities (Messarra, 2014, p. 59). For the most part, a person’s religious belief is grounded in familial and tradition, so an individual is less likely to respect another person’s view. According to the dictionary the meaning of respect is an expression of esteem or regard. With that being said, the difficulty for most people is understanding how to express esteem for people with differences in opinion. One of the most effective ways of being able to demonstrate respect is recognizing the appropriate response to conflicting …show more content…
People are reluctant to converse or listen to conflicting ideas especially when it comes to their core beliefs. For this reason, religious debates are the most animated and passionate. In the workplace, these conflicts can cause tension among supervisors and peers. For this reason, Followers of Christ must be able to illustrate congeniality so that others will see an example of Jesus’ love. Coupled with promoting harmony in the workplace and demonstrating kindness to others with diversified worldviews, understanding the process of reducing confusion in the office is an effective way to maintain a Christian’s perspective in a global working environment. Conflicts are inevitable in any situation, specifically when people are surrounded by others with core beliefs that are different. Sometimes in the scheme of things, acknowledging the times when the proper response is no response at all is a sign of maturity and a great tool in decreasing combativeness with opposing religious

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