Student Observation Essay

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Throughout the school day students come into contact with many different teachers. Each teacher has different expectations and requirements for their class. Each student in each class are unique individuals. They come from different backgrounds, have different home lives and different upbringings. Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs states individuals must have their basic needs meet first in order to advance forward toward self-actualization. Self-actualization includes creativity, problem solving, accepting, of facts, mortality, spontaneity, and lack of prejudice.(Burton,2012) Students must have their basic needs met at home before they are able to move forward in the learning process. For example, if student does not have food, water, and …show more content…
Some of the different types of reinforcements as described by Kareen Smith from the University of Minnesota are: social reinforcers, activity reinforcers, tangible reinforcers, and token reinforcers. Social reinforcers come in the form of positive verbal and non-verbal cues from the instructor. For example if a student makes a good grade on a test the teacher may say “good job” or “way to go.” Another way would be if a student makes an appropriate comment in class and the teacher nods their head with a smile to let the student know said the right thing. Activity reinforcers are allowing students to participate in a special activity if they complete a positive behavior. Such as if a student finishes all their work and does it correctly they are allowed computer time. For an activity reinforce to work, it has to be an activity in which the student likes. If the student does not like playing board game, this would not be a positive reinforce for the student to complete their work. Tangible reinforcers are something in which the student can physically touch. There are many different type of tangible rewards such as: stickers, awards, balloons, candy, etc. Having something they can hold in their hand, or put in their notebook serves as a reminder to repeat the good behavior. Token reinforcers include giving the students credit for their action to eventually be redeemed for a reward. If a student does all

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