Summary: The Influence Of Social Media On Recruiting

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Today’s business is extremely affected by the internet. Organizations want to be effective and efficient concerning management decision. The most important aspect for an organization is to be able to recruit and hire right talents. A survey conducted by CareerBuilder in 2009 highlights that 45% meaning more than 2600 hiring managers are using today social media sites to learn about prospective candidates (Brown & Vaughn, 2011). Social media is becoming a significant tool used to recruit, to hire, to promote and to fire employee. Social media shows a lot how candidate are in real life. So, using social media to make important organizational decision can be time and cost effective.

In the recruiting process the resume and the interview are
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Social media tells a lot on a person likes and dislikes. It also tells a lot on how a person is on real life. Therefore, a survey conducted by CareerBuilder in 2009, shows that 35% of employers do not hire a candidate when they see negative information in Social media (Brown & Vaughn, 2011). The reason for screening is to look for insulting post, inappropriate pictures and information, if the candidate can be associated with alcohol or illegal drug use, and also if the information found on resume is accurate. So, through social media, job seekers can increase their chance for being hired or selected for consideration through their profile.
Using social media can be beneficial for both job seekers and companies because it can build trust. Trust is an essential foundation of all types of relationships. Relationships are what allow businesses to grow and have long term success. Transparency on social media platform is a good way for organizations and job seekers to start connecting with their audiences and building trust. It is for this reason many companies have committed to become more transparent in their operations and communications as the use to social media has increased over the
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Thus, they can use it for firing and promotion purpose. Imagine for instance that your employee call you to say that he cannot come to work because he is sick. Few minutes later, you see that he post a picture on Facebook where he is having fun at the beach drinking with his friends. What will be your reaction? He will surely be fired because he lied. On the other hand, if an employee is always acknowledging his organization on social media, he can be promoted due to its commitment. But In order to control their employees on social media, employers should let them know that they are using social media to promote and fire

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