The Importance Of Sleep In College

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College is a place of learning, growing, socializing, experiencing and much more. Often students can get caught up in the different opportunities and duties in college and pack into their schedule more then they can handle. If students are not careful this can cause them to have to sacrifice sleep in order to get all the work done that college demands of them. Many students end up sleep deprived and have trouble even falling asleep at night. College students who do not get adequate sleep should not do schoolwork after 10 p.m. because doing so will make it more difficult to fall asleep and can effects on one’s grades which can result in the need to study late in the night more often and further affect a student’s academic achievement.
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and is not getting enough sleep because of this, then the students grades will begin to decline. Because the student is not getting enough rest, he or she will have trouble focusing and will not be able to pay attention on a lecture. Lack of sleep also has adverse affects on memory and will make it more difficult to recall the materiel learned. Because of how sleep affects one’s attention and memory it is important to get to bed at a reasonable time and get a healthy amount of sleep. Doing so will help the student retain information and recall it when needed as well as, help the student focus on lectures and schoolwork, resulting in better academic …show more content…
But sleep can play a big part in a student’s experience at college. Lack of sleep can cause a decline in one’s mood, memory, ability to pay attention, health, and ultimately one’s grades. Doing schoolwork after 10 p.m. can cause a lack of sleep because it often makes it harder to fall asleep. Doing schoolwork requires brainpower and sometimes caffeine in order to stay awake. These things are fine during the day but close to bed time these things can prevent one from falling asleep and cause sleep problems. Instead, students should try to get ahead in their homework and plan their days with the amount of homework they need to get done and their sleep schedules in mind. Because if a student is not getting enough sleep, a cycle of bad grades can begin; effectively ruining a student’s experience at

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