The Bible: The Influence Of Peter's Scripture

The Bible holds as one of the most important writings of all time. From the days when it was being constructed to the modern 21st century, the Bible is included in most of human life. Interestingly enough, the books within the Bible have been read countless amounts of time with endless analysis and yet we sometimes forget the history behind the writings. Scripture falls nowhere short of a book of power throughout time. Many empires have dominated throughout history by creating a sense of order and rule within mankind. Power plays a major role in the influences man has amongst other men. The most powerful ruling of their time was the Persian Empire and, later to follow, the Roman Empire. Ironically, both dominating forces influenced the interpretation …show more content…
The crucifixion of Jesus is the largest aspect of Christianity, therefore, Peter works with the significance of the situation to provide his Christian followers with encouragement to do as the Son of God did. Peter writes “When they hurled their insults at him, he did not retaliate; when he suffered, he made no threats” (1Peter 2:23). He speaks in direct reference to the current situation involving Christians and the Roman Empire whom are still persecuting individuals for following Jesus. But, it is undetermined what would have changed the course of Jesus’s fate if he more actively refuted the Empire. Peter asks Christians to follow as Jesus did to avoid the absolute destruction of the faith. The Roman Empire did as they had to Jesus without noticeable revolt from him; there was now a strong fear of what would happen to Jesus’s followers who actually acted out against authority. With this quotation within Peter’s letter, Christians must evaluate the way in which interpretation is made. It will forever be unknown what God asked for of Christians: to act out against corruption or remain solely faithful and allow God to provide salvation to his righteous followers. The Roman Empire transformed the configuration of Christianity. The letter Peter writes to endangered Christians is an altercation to the way of Christianity that is displayed in such writings like the Gospels. So why is there an evolution within Christianity in the matter of one superpower? It is solely because the Roman Empire conquered Christianity. To be a righteous follower of Christ, one must be loyal to the

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