Peter The Great Case Study

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Assignment 2
Complete the following questions and turn in assignment 2 via Sakai and outlook.
Read chapter 3 (pp. 46-71) and answer the following questions. Please, don 't copy from the book; explain your answers using your own words:
1. Explain the background of Peter the Great and his curiosity with respect to the military and technological innovations. What did he do to fight Russia 's military backwardness? Peter the Great used different international specialists to learn different skills, specializing in military skills. He learned how to fire artillery, in additional to building and sailing ships, and this was in his childhood. As he grew, so did his knowledge about military strategies. Although some of his decisions resulted in great
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This new tax became known as the “poll” tax, and in 1724 was supplying half of the government’s total revenue. While this tax helped keep Russia out of debt, it had severely negative consequences on the society. Peter began to continually attack those who were not nobles or rich by adding additional taxes that forced peasants to the same level as serfs. These individuals became known as state peasants. Peter also began to control the nobles more by forcing them to serve the state either in a military or civilian …show more content…
Catherine targeted the local areas used by the non-Russians, as this was an area they used. The Cossack communities within the Ukraine were targeted first, and then “Russification” spread to the Baltic areas and Caucasus Mountains.
10. In what way did Catherine reform the autocratic rule? The autocratic rule was reformed by Catherine when she instituted the provincial reform, which divided the country into 41 different provinces. It would eventually become 50 provinces, and each province had a governor to head the specific area. The provinces were divided even more by assigning 10 districts into each province.

Read chapter 4 (pp.72-94) and answer the following questions. Please, don 't copy from the book; explain your answers using your own words:
11. Why were Alexander 's early reforms interrupted? What was his plan of reforms afterwards? The early reform Alexander wanted to implement was interrupted by the war with Napoleon. Alexander and his adviser, Mikhail Speransky, desired to implement a plan which would end the autocratic government and increase the rule of law within the Russian state. This plan was to divide the country into four administrative levels that would have elected, judicial and administrative legislative

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