Philippians: A Model To The Church Of Philippian Verses 6-11

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The purpose of this section of the book of Philippians was to serve as a model to the church at Philippi with absolute humility. All of God’s creations are called to become servants like Christ. This is done through having the mindset of Christ. The intent of Christ’s humility was in hopes to decrease strife amongst his believers and look to each other instead, as seen in Philippians 2:1-4. The design of verses 5-11 follows in terms of Christ’s activity and God’s activity. The Father’s activity is in response to his Son’s. There is pattern is found throughout the passage. It is first degradation, exaltation, and then loss, soon after compensation, descent, ascension arises.
Jesus “emptied” Himself, and became the simple form of a bond-servant,
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Unfolding it all, so that every tongue will openly confess that it Jesus Christ, who is Lord and always the glory will go to the …show more content…
This approach by Paul in Philippians is to help enlighten the church to how the story of Christ will shape its life together as God’s people. According to Peterson (2004), Christ is offered as the ultimate example of such a mind. “Have this mind among you” he says (v. 5), the one expressed by Christ’s selfless conduct. Paradoxically, sacrificial servanthood is the road to success. When the purpose of vv. 5-11 is viewed this way, one cannot but think of several synoptic sayings of Jesus such as “For all who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted" (Luke

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