The Importance Of Single Mothers

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It takes a special kind of woman to raise a child; but it takes an extremely rare woman to raise a boy from infancy into manhood, equipping him with the need-to-know, the tenacity, and the will to want to be successful in today 's society. So many times we see it: single mothers raising men on their own. The question usually raised when confronted with this issue is, "is a female equipped to teach a boy how to live as a man in today 's world?" For the sake of our female readers, I 'll decline to offer an opinion on the entire debacle. Instead, I 'll give my readers a brief peek into my experience as a man who subsequently, was raised by a woman. The point being, to allow the reader to formulate an opinion of their own and to decipher the tact …show more content…
I am the youngest boy of three children, all by the same father. Growing up, we didn 't have much but our mother made due with her single parent income. To supplement her finances and to also help them out, our grandparents moved in. We had shelter, clothing, food, and a safe environment but what we didn 't have was our mother. My mom worked a regular 9-5 like any mother in my middle class neighborhood. So like most mothers she would be gone for most of the day. This, giving us, the children, more time to explore our environment outside of our doors, windows, and four walls. My brother and I more so because of the rambunctious nature of most boys. We got into everything, from early childhood grocery store candy heists to neighborhood fist-fights with the other kids, or each other, to drugs. We did it all, and at night when all was said and done, my mother was …show more content…
I look at my friends who are single moms, and I look at the interactions between them and their young sons. I see what I was lacking as a youth; although through no fault of my own, I still battle with myself for not making better decisions. We are all individuals and we all have different perceptions of life in general. In my opinion, knowing what I know now, a woman can raise a man to be a healthy and productive member of society if she is involved in that child 's life. If she concerns herself with her child 's well-being and future but discipline is necessary. There will be inner-conflicts in any child that may cause them to go astray but, with guidance and support, correct decisions can be made at an early stage in a child 's development. Mothers are as equipped to raise boys as men are but time and effort play a huge role in the overall outcome. Mothers, make sure you talk with your sons, if only to know what is on their minds. It could be lifesaving in

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