Role Of Sexism In Society

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The current structure of society prevents women from achieve full equality with men (Minow, 1997, p.505). There are many different ideas on how to achieve this equality some argue for gender blind polices which treatment everyone equally, while others advocate for gender sensitive policies. In this essay I will argue that in order to eradicate sexism within society we need to adopt policies we are sensitive to people’s gender identity. I will argue that the adoption of gender neutral or blind policies contrition to sexism in society as such policies are implemented in a society structure that was created for men by men and gender blind policies perpetuate male dominance. I will argue this in several sections. The first section of the essay …show more content…
Substantive equal therefore is concerned with providing people with equal opportunities (Sunstein, 1989, p.223). Gender sensitive policies are ones which recognise differences between men and women. These polices are forms of substantive equality. They see that the differences between genders means that even with forms of formal equality women still end up unequal because the way in which society is structured means that men , white men, still end up benefiting more under formal equality(Lorde, 1989). Gender sensitive polices see this and aim to give women equality opportunities that men already have. They do this by challenging the structures of society in such way that aims to benefit women. Gender Quotas represent a form of substantive equality as it gives women who are underrepresented in the political arena the opportunity to participate in the political sphere (Htun, 2004). Due to the structures of society that exist these women have been marginalization, alienation, and oppressed meaning that they have been unable to make the same gains politically as their male counterparts have (Htun, 2004). By allowing for gender quotas we allow women to have equal opportunities to participate just as men are able to participate in political live(Htun, 2004). The aim women fair and equal opportunities to participate fully within society (Htun, 2004).This gives women the opportunity have representation at political level but also acts as a way to compensate women for the centuries of oppression they have faced. The way in which were oppressed have meant that they have not been able to full participate within society and gender quotes make allowances for that historical domination(Minow, 1997,

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