Honor My Mother Research Paper

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So I have learned people have not been treating people as well as they should. As a child I tried to honor my mother, but as most kids know it was hard and as I grew up it became easier. Now I really don’t get asked to do anything now that I am on my own but if she needed me I would go. We always hear most often about the honoring your mother and father but how often do we hear that a father should not drive his child to anger? This so something that bothers me greatly as a cashier I see and hear all kinds of things. I have seen parents snap on their child for not moving when they were not asked to. I have seen children yelled at for helping put bags in the cart for their parents and also trying to unload the cart onto the belt. I have seen …show more content…
It says that people who have sex out of marriage are sexually immoral. Although I have not seen a verse that says this. I have found things saying that people should be married and that it is blessed. I have seen that our bodies are not our own, and I have seen be fruitful and multiple, but nowhere have I seen that it is a sin to have sexual relationships out of wedlock. The closes thing I have seen to suggest that is some people feel that if you have sex then the couple is married in the eyes of god and if that is the case you would be an adulator. If you can answer this question, please do. Then it goes into how we should not enjoy earthly things. So with both these things my first thought was well I’m going to hell. I get angry, I may or may not be sexually immoral, I do have passion not evil passion I don’t think, but I’m finding out almost everything is a sin. Im support to do what God wants me to do, does god not want me to be a teacher and if so how do I know. How does one live there life around someone who doesn’t really tell you what to do. Sure he tells us what is a sin or not a sin but how do we know that he isn’t happy with our

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