Persuasive Essay: The Last Year

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The Last Year

It’s the last year of high school and students would like nothing more than to walk across that stage to receive their diploma, but they have to make it through the school year first. Many high school seniors experience the slump known as “senioritis.” It causes laziness, procrastination, passiveness towards school work and truancy (Beau). Seniors have spent the past three and a half years juggling: academics, extracurricular activities, a job, and family obligations, but once they receive that golden “letter” of college acceptance, school is no longer their top priority. Senioritis can affect students in many different ways such as, dropping grades, a difficult freshman year of college, and even risk of having their college
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Many students are ahead of themselves and try to focus on becoming a freshman in college, forgetting that they still have to be around high school teachers and classmates for the next few months. Seniors should focus on taking interesting classes and useful electives to keep them busy. It is important for them to still strive for the top by improving their final grade point average or trying to graduate within a top percentage of their class. Taking AP courses or dual enrollment college classes is something seniors should take advantage of to get some of their college credits out of the way. If students are challenged in this way it will make it easier for them to transition from high school to college. Seniors should be able to enjoy their last year, responsibly. Teachers should encourage them to celebrate their senior year by suggesting cheering at sporting events, going to prom, participating in clubs and volunteer work. Some students choose to commit to a career-focused job to help them make decisions about their education and career goals in the future (Pappano). Senior year is all about balance and making the right

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