The Importance Of Scuba Diving

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Scuba Diving Being a scuba diver takes great responsibility and meticulous attention to every situation. It is important for the diver to know everything there is to know about their gear and what state it is in, and what their diving environment will be like. Without the knowledge that is needed, the diver can create a perilous situation for themselves, or even other divers. It is a scuba divemasters responsibility to know the changes of their equipment, to be able to train others, and to be willing to apply their services to the public. To be a scuba divemaster means that there is a responsibility that is being taken on to teach people how to stay alive and avoid as many harmful events as possible, while having fun. This responsibility …show more content…
Of course there is the job of being the divemaster, but there are also other jobs such as the Underwater Search and Rescue Team, and also the jobs that it takes to develop all of the equipment. The public safety diving professionals or the Underwater Search and Rescue Team are available to respond to emergencies at any time, and more often than not the professional underwater divers are required to work through bad weather, at night, and even in water that has been contaminated by hazardous materials. These divers can “recover evidence in a way that is admissible in the court of law.”( The divers also must be able to properly conduct search patterns, can recognize hazards in the water, and know how to dive in zero visibility situations. Because of the dangerous workplace, the public safety diving professionals are also equipped with high quality diving gear that often includes dry suits and dive helmets and can be inn with water for much longer than recreational divers can. The public safety diving professionals have the same training as recreational divers, but their training goes much further than the regular training from a typical, commissioned

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