The Lost One's Weeping Analysis

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Schools. A place where children are educated to prepare them for the world, but there is more to it than just a place of education. Schools are the place where students can socialize and make friends, and it is the place that does not discriminate because it is where children and parents from different races or ethnicity gather. School is the safest place for a child to grow up and learn. Some argue with these statements, because some schools are not safe, and some schools discriminate. These people are not incorrect, but these statements are for school in general. Beside all of the argument whether school is a good place for kids or not, most people are not seeing the bigger picture. What is the greatest threat to the children’s education? The answer is, the system itself. The song “The Lost One’s Weeping”, sang by Vocaloid Kagamine Rin and composed by Neru, explain in the song the corruption of the education system. Let’s be honest, most systems that we live by today are corrupted, and the education system is one of them. The song “The Lost One’s Weeping” convey a message to the people of society to revise the education system that is currently used to teach the children.
For someone who has been part of the otaku community, the word Vocaloid is not something new. Vocaloid is a voice
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The system of education that is being used today should be change to fit the ability and the capability of the students. Instead of teaching them to remember, the system should be change to make the students think. The education systems corruption is destroying the future, more specifically the future of the human race. Students that can only obey but not think, is like a slave or even a zombie. Society should take the initiative to do something about the system of education that is currently corrupting the mind of the

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