Summary: The Importance Of Safety In Baseball

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Baseball, our national pastime, is one of the most popular sports in the United States and around the world. Because of its popularity, many children and adults participate through organized games and even in common, backyard games as a family activity. Every year, according to The American Academy of Pediatrics,” An estimated 8.6 million children ages 6 to 17 participate annually in an organized and recreational baseball” (“Baseball and Softball”). With the astonishing amount of people that play this game comes great risk. Every year numerous accidents occur, some fatal, in all levels of baseball. Safety in baseball is a new and growing concern. The use of metal bats versus wood bats in baseball is still today a very controversial factor. Commonly in baseball, rules are given regarding the use of metal bats versus wood bats. Until one gets to Middle School, he or she can use any type of bat that they prefer. However, once …show more content…
All professional games are televised, and are a vital part for the organization to make a profit. All the action and excitement of baseball is implemented by how hard the pitcher throws or how far the batter can hit the ball. With this excitement comes a lot of danger that a spectator wouldn’t think about. What if the pitch hits the batter in the face? What if a line drive hits the pitcher in the head? No one considers this until after it happens. But the reason the media is so influential in the sport is because of that excitement. When something exciting happens in a game they are there to report it. With injury they are there to keep the people watching informed on what is happening with that person. It is sad to say but when a player is injured people are shocked and are interested and want to know what happens, almost like an excitement going around. The media gains from all of these things, but they are there to report what is going on in the sport of baseball just like every other

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