Demarini Baseball Comparison

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Baseball is a strong game and involves a few easy things to play. The most important thing to use when playing the game of baseball is a bat. There are so many bats out there; small barrels, big barrels, even a few of everything on the bat is a barrel, but a few of my favorite bats and the more probably used bats throughout baseball is the Demarini vs. Marucci. These two bats are very well used and that's because they are the best bats put together.
Let's start with Demarini. Demarini has been in this great game of baseball for over 60 years and still makes bats to this day. Demarini, at one point in time, was a very famous bat to have and if you had a Demarini at any point, then you were known as the cool kid of baseball for having the cool bat. Demarini came out with being a 3 piece bat, just saying that the bat was made in 3 pieces and was not all one barrel. Demarini has really fallen down hill lately and is not as popular as they use to be. I had a Demarini at one point in my life and if I remember right, I really enjoyed my Demarini and I did like to use it. Now a days
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Marucci baseball has been around for close to 30 years and have for sure taken off on perfection and greatness in bats. Marucci bats are made as a one piece. Meaning that they are just all one barrel all the way from handle to top of bat. This is just giving more power to the bat and giving the bat more “pop”. I used a marucci not to long ago, even in high school and I really liked it and would use one to this day if I needed too. When using a marucci bat, you will notice a lot of sounds and vibration throughout the bat. My favorite bat from marucci is the “All White/soft handle/ even barrel”, Which is just an all white bat that is not to heavy at the end, but is even throughout the whole bat. Marucci is a great bat to use and I would really recommend it to anyone that is looking to just go up to the plate and smack a

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