The Importance Of Retail Business

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Have you ever think about why retail stores are arranged in a certain way? That is because they want people to buy their products that they are selling on their market. Having a happy customer is what all retail businesses wants to have. However, in order to make it happen, they should know exactly what the consumer 's needs and wants. That is exactly what the retail anthropologist does; they observe consumers’ shopping routine for them to determine how they would construct and where would they establish the retail stores. On the other hand, people think that watching people is improper because they believe that this is an invasion of their privacy. Also, they think that the surveillance cameras are for security safety not for shopping customers. …show more content…
Retail markets can rearrange their store settings depends on how their consumers would want it to be. The consumer’s satisfaction will also reflect the business improvement. The main job of the retail anthropologist was to make the consumers happy for the business to enhance and increase their sales. When people are satisfied, they will come back to the store often and they might be their loyal customers. That is when the stores offer loyalty cards to their customers, along with it, they have privileges, coupons, and special deals for them. Therefore, the business would give rewards for the consumers that are loyal to them will tend to stay to that store because of the rewards that they can receive. Despite that, some people may argue that this is cheating because they invade their privacy by watching them using their surveillance cameras and their loyalty cards. More importantly, they emphasize on their store’s design, merchandise, and operations. To illustrate, retail anthropologist helps their business to organize the location of the store should be in the appropriate place. The aisle placement and operation is also influential to the business success; the way they organize the products to certain places that it should be along with the great service to customers. Indeed, it doesn’t just satisfy the consumers they can give the best of both worlds because it can also help the retail stores to improve their

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