Retail Store Analysis Essay

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Have you ever think about why retail stores are arranged in a certain way? That is because they want people to buy their products that they are selling on their market. Having a happy customer is what all retail businesses wants to have. However, in order to make it happen, they should know exactly what the consumer 's needs and wants. That is exactly what the retail anthropologist does; they observe consumers’ shopping routine for them to determine how they would construct and where would they establish the retail stores. On the other hand, people think that watching people is improper because they believe that this is an invasion of their privacy. Also, they think that the surveillance cameras are for security safety not for shopping customers. …show more content…
Giving the consumers what they need to be satisfied and knowing what they want and what they don’t is all that matters. Knowing exactly what consumers likes and dislikes is a huge deal, because when retail stores know those things they could easily manage and organize their stores. It affects the price of the products, the staff who works in the store, and the display and the placements of their merchandise inside the store. For instance, consumers hate being treated poorly by the workers by neglecting them or being rude to them. In addition, everyone wants reasonable prices of the products that they are buying, and the store should be arranged neatly the way they wanted it to be. In order for that to happen, the retail anthropologist is there to transform the retail store into a perfect place for them to shop. Although, some people might say that they are using the store customers for their experiments. They might feel uncomfortable that someone is observing all their moves and behaviors while they shop. Conversely, consumers are satisfied, and that is what their job is to make them satisfied. Even there is a lot of arguments about this issue, they still succeed to make the consumers happy and satisfied on their

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