Restrictions In School

Currently in schools there are way to many restrictions enforced on the use of the Internet and computers. Computers and the Internet are used in schools to help enhance students’ learning and improve the academic statute of students. Instead it tends to hamper students learning as much or more as if there were no restrictions. Restrictions on computers should be reduced because they make it difficult to find information for research papers, students are more apt to get around the restrictions if they want to, and teachers are restricted by the firewalls that kids easily pass. Researching has clearly been made harder if you are a student. A class had to do a research project individually on the book To Kill a Mockingbird. When they started …show more content…
Students find this as a challenge and as a possible business at their high school, to hack the computers and Internet provided by the district. An article in the Hechinger Report says “Within days, even hours, of the devices’ distribution, their young users have figured out how to circumvent the filters meant to block access to games, social networking, and other non-educational activities (not to mention offensive or inappropriate content)” (Paul). Students hack within hours what the district spends so much time and money trying to …show more content…
The same report said “In Los Angeles, where the school district has begun giving out a planned 600,000 IPads, entrepreneurial students sold a workaround to classmates for $2 a pop (Paul). So now the entire school can do as they wish on their computer, they have the ability to hack into every website they want on their computers and it is really just a waste of taxpayer dollars to make such a silly restriction program. As a middle school student said to his father as seen in the Hechinger Report “Don’t be an idiot. We know more about computers than the teachers do (Paul). Students know exactly how to get around every block on the school computers and it hurts the students that are good students who don’t want to hack the sites. They block the websites from students, but the only kids that will actually go on the bad websites are the students that will have their computer hacked and go on them anyways. The blocking mostly hurts the students who are good and wouldn’t go on bad websites anyways and don’t want to get in trouble for hacking their computer so they have to live with the restrictions of not being able to use their computer to its full capability.
Another example of a group that is hurt by the restrictions because they want to follow the rules is

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