Resistance In Death Camps During The Holocaust

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Resistance in Death Camps
The Nazis had a vulgar and powerful hate towards Jews. They did whatever they could to try to erase the Jewish race. The Holocaust is the largest mass murder to a religion that this world has ever seen. Most Jews had no idea what was going on and had no clue that they were going to be killed so quickly (Grobman). During the Holocaust Jews were thrown into death camps where most were murdered right away while others suffered; however there were some brave and courageous people who stood up and found a way to resist knowing they might be killed because of it.
Life or Death
One reason that I believe the Jews showed they were brave and courageous was because they resisted even though they knew they would die because of it. Why not be AMBITIOUS and fight for your life right? “The vast majority of Jews who reached the
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People really had to be brave to even talk back to a guard let alone find ways to resist. Once Jews entered the death camps they were OBLIVIOUS to what was going on at the time. Once Jews figured out family and friends were being killed quickly they became extremely terrified. Prisoners did anything that they could to try and undermine the guards because they knew their time was IMPENDING. “The term “resistance” when related to Jews and the Holocaust takes on a different meaning than the way most of us understand the term,” (Vashem). “Success of revolts in Nazi camps should not necessarily measured by the number of Jewish escapees, nor by the number of Nazis killed,” (Vashem). The prisoners felt accomplished if they even had a few people escape or even if they killed a few guards. Life in the death camps was like going to hell according to some of the people who survived. They felt as if it was their duty to try and out think and undermine the guards. Anything they did was looked at as a form of resistance if it bothered the guards and the

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