The Importance Of Project Management Culture

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Project Organization. According to CSU-Global (2013d), project managers work best in an organization that has a culture that supports organizational project management policies and effectively supports stakeholder engagement. That being understood, the missing element for most corporations with projects that do not succeed, is culture. Establishing a project management culture is extremely complex, and may be undervalued by some. Sharing in a belief, mission, or goal, can certainly be the foundation of building a project management culture.
To continue building upon that culture, it is the assignment of the program or project manager to mitigate the complexities of human behavior, in order to reach a collective objective. Often, project managers
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This phase of the project anticipates the obstructions that may cause postponement of a project, and takes those issues into consideration. Furthermore, the planning phase helps to define a project, keeping a project on task through confines that are established at origination, increasing the chances that a project team may reach cost, time and performance expectations.
Planning and Scheduling. “Properly planning a project is fundamental to project success since it eliminates ambiguity, utilizes standards, establishes communication requirements, assesses risk, and provides for early detection of concerns or problems that may affect project completion” (CSU-Global, 2013c). Planning of a project includes putting proper change, team, and execution management in place. GIG has a need for transparent, consistent, and sustainable end-to-end project management, requiring proper tools to address their needs (Staffan & Patanakul,
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Project managers may postpone moving forward with a project as they cannot accurately account for the cost of the project, creating negative feedback from internal and external stakeholders. Even more concerning, if an unrealistic or unforeseen expectation is forced upon staff, commitment may not be received, making it even more difficult to be certain that the job can be completed in a timely manner (Billows, 2015). Therefore, obtaining the proper tools (software) to ensure that cost estimations are accurate and agreed upon beforehand, is desirable and the recommendation for

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