The Importance Of Programmed Decision Making

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Programmed decisions involve routine and are continuously repetitive. These decisions are usually looked upon as a process. Same events that occur will have the same programmed decision outcome. Unlike programmed decisions that already give you a set response to an action, un programmed decisions are complex and relies heavily on the person decision making. Highly planned and structured businesses often turn their heads upon un programmed decisions. Based upon a businesses experience, larger and more successful companies designed routine decisions so employees would never have to encounter a difficult decisions making process. Employees will be well aware of the outcome of their decisions making and not be left in ore (DuBrin, pg. 152).

Decisions making is not always considered rational because there are several different factors. Decisions making
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Creative training pertains to involvement in group activities and traditional thinking. Creative training is often offered in bigger and larger companies worldwide (DuBrin, pg.178). Brainstorming is the number method for creative ideas. Brainstorming is used for solving real and complex problems within a company. It often takes a lot of time and effort because the decision made will have a major impact on the company. Brainstorming produces the ideas for a larger decision in the long run (DuBrin, pg.179). Appropriate physical surrounding in a work force is important as well. It is known that is a room is filled with white boards it engages people to create different idea. Ideas are expressed on the boards and it keeps people interactive with each other. Systemically gathering ideas is very powerful approach. For example, when a meeting is held employees should always come prepared with questions and ideas. This enables for conversation and

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