The Importance Of Professional Counseling Within The Mental Health And Community Facilities

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Multicultural competencies
The effectiveness of professional counseling within the mental health and community facilities’ are ethically committed to providing clients with quality service no matter their cultural background. Within the human service field, professionals are more consumed in meeting the needs of their clients. One the factors of meeting these needs is culture awareness by counselors. It is ethnically sound for counselors to identify with their own culture’s barriers and bias, while providing service for diverse cultures and ethnic groups. “Multicultural Counseling Competencies is a set of standards for professionals’ development of beliefs and attitudes, knowledge, and skills within three areas: self-awareness, understanding, and development of appropriate intervention strategies” (Gerig, 2014, p. 230). Cultural competencies contributes to fostering an effective relationship between professionals and clients that demonstrate respect, trust, and understanding without any discrimination, ethnocentrism, prejudgment, and /or oppression.
Within the practice of counseling it is essential for counselors to understanding their values, beliefs, behavior, and attitude towards other cultures and groups by evaluating the own culture standards, norms, and biases—self-awareness. What influences are prudence within their immediate conscious and how could they effect effective counseling with their clients? When counselors are cognizant of their own culture limitations…

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