The Importance Of Product Development

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I. A large organization began to pay closer attention to a specific strength of producing new, one of a kind, items, and ignored its other capabilities of market testing, decreasing cost, and consumer wants (Finkelstein, 2003, p.143)
II. “ Even the most pervasive problems will yield to changes if you spot these crucial moments and then identify the specific high-leverage actions that will lead to the results you want” (Grenny et al., 2013, p.36). “Notice the obvious. Recognize behaviors that are obvious but underused. Look for crucial moments. Find times when behaviors puts success at risk. Learn from positive deviants. Distinguish behaviors that set apart positive deviants-those who live in the same world but somehow produce much better results. Spot culture busters. Find behaviors that reverse stubborn norms and taboos” (Grenny et al., 2013, p.47).
III. The current department leader for product development will begin to apply influencing strategies to slow product development, while
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The R&D department will begin to create ideas of company product expansion while keeping the core products in mind. They will evaluate consumer feedback of what is trending in their current product market. They will meet once a week, possibly more if necessary, to come up with at least three new products to roll out as soon as possible. They must stay true to the company’s vision and mission statements while creating new products. “Every brand is built by a community” (Neumeier, 2007, p.76). Once the first product is determined, it will then go to a focus group for their feedback. Once a positive feedback is received, the company can begin production and marketing. This cycle will continue until at least three new products are unveiled to the public. The company will then continue to evaluate the sales on a quarterly basis. To keep the company “FRESH”, they should consider at least one to two new products a year. This can involve improvements or updates on a current

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